Mermaids and Ballerinas

When the rest of the nation is freezing and staying home to avoid to cold, South Florida gets busy. We spent 2 nights with with the National SAM Innovation Project at the Marriott Harbor Beach Resort and Spa. The 800+ attendees for this annual conference take over the hotel for 3 days and spend their evenings on the deck, pool area and beach. These people go all out! The LA All Stars sang under the stars as people danced, sang along and played with us. We had 2 Digital Caricature Artists on scene both nights and they were quite popular, but not nearly as popular as as our Mermaid, Merman, Light-Up Ballerina and Stilt Walkers! But the entertainment didn't stop there. We added a Photo Booth and a Make Your Own Salt Scrub Station to round out the fun.  This event really allowed us to let our hair down, put on our dance shoes (and fins, ballet slippers and stilts) and have a lot of fun with school principles from all over the nation. Check out the pics and videos. 


Thank you for letting us be part of the magic!

As the year comes to an end, we would like to thank you for choosing to work with us in 2016. You have invited us to be part of some of the biggest and most memorable events in your lives. Weddings, Birthdays, Bar and Bat Mitzvahs, Holidays, Corporate Events and Trade Shows: we've seen you walk down the aisles, blow out the candles, and celebrate your accomplishments with your friends and family by your side, and toast the holidays. We've worked by your side at Trade Shows to drive traffic into your booth, and we've helped thank your customers and employees for their loyalty. We know how special these moments will always be in your memories, and we a thank you for letting us be a part of them.

As we look to 2017, we are so excited about the growing number of products and services we have to offer you. Please call us anytime. We are always here to help you create another memorable event.

Best Wishes in the New Year,
Al and Elizabeth
Al-Rod Studio Events / Digital Caricature Artists


Grand Openings!

Forget what the politicians say about the economy; business is booming in Miami! So many new businesses are opening, hiring locals, and driving our economy. And we love when that business trickles our way!

Brickell City Center is wrapping up construction, and businesses are beginning to open. This complex is amazing and re-energizes the Brickell area. We were invited by Saks Fifth Avenue to join in their festivities at both their Employee Extravaganza, and the Grand Opening event in their Cosmetics Department called Cirque de Beaute. We had Stilt Walkers, Brazilian Dancers and Drummers, Photo Booth, Living Table and Statues, and of course, the DJ to pump us all up! 

The MiMo area is thriving and growing as well! We attending the Grand Opening of Atelier Posh Beauty Lounge at 7011 Biscayne Blvd. Our Photo Booth was set up to catch the residence of MiMo at the poshest! 

Whether it's a Grand Opening, a Wedding, or a Holiday Party; call on us to make your event a smash hit! 



Back from Burning Man!

In the party entertainment industry, things tend to slow down in the summer, so that's when we take vacation. It used to be that everything quiets down in South Florida from June - September. That window of time has shrunk to July - August. But our trip coincided with Burning Man, so we took a road trip from August 18 - September 9.  We are so blessed to have an Event Manager, Marina, who can hold down the fort and maintain business as usual while we are away. Although, I'm pretty sure that she may jump off a cliff if we take vacation in September again. 

I'm not a fan of vacationing in the summer, mostly because of the heat, but we were blessed with very mild temperatures as we traveled across the country. We hit the road at 5:54am on August 18, and slowly made our way up Florida, across the pan handle and into Louisiana. Luckily, the flooding there from earlier in the week had receded, making the drive easier, but we could still see the raised waterline on the trees along the highway from the water, evidence that the flooding was intense. We made it into the Dallas area where we visited with some of Al's friends from back in the days when he used to live there, then the very long drive west across Texas. Texas may be big, the world is small. As fortune may have it, we ended up in Amarillo the same night as Al's cousins, who were making their way from Los Angeles to their new home in Boston. Thanks to the creepiness of social media, we discovered that we were staying at hotels a block away from each other, so we met for coffee in the morning before we continued west and them east. 

But the whole scenery changed and we felt the electric in the air when we crossed into New Mexico. We stayed the night in Santa Fe before heading on to Utah. I could go on and on about Utah. If New Mexico is the Land of Enchantment, Utah is the Land of Mystery, Magic and Monolithic Structures. I've never seen anything so extraordinary! Amongst the parks we visited were Arches, Natural Bridges and Zion, with trips into Arizona to visit Lower Antelope Canyon and the Northern Rim of the Grand Canyon. 

11 days into the trip, and there was still more to see and do! Our journey continued on Black Rock City in Northern Nevada for the 30th annual Burning Man event. I cannot even begin to explain the phenomenon that is Burning Man. It is surreal, beautiful, challenging, and will change you forever if you let it. You realize things about yourself that you forgot, things you never knew, and the lies that you have told yourself that no longer hold any value. You also re-define "clean", because you are constantly covered in dust! You conserve, and your heart expands when others share of themselves and their resources.  It's a community unlike any other, and it is the responsibility of each Burner to participate and bring the Burning Man philosophies into the default world.

After all of this, it was with sweet abandon that we arrived in Vegas! Most people go there to party, but Al had a 3 day job scheduled there, and I decompressed and went to the spa! After dragging me to the desert with minimal showers, Al set us up in a suite in The Palms. We could fit 5 people in that shower, and there were 3 shower heads! HEAVEN!!! It definitely helped ease our way back into reality.

I flew home on September 9th to a full schedule of events, and Al continued on to Anaheim to work another job. Talk about mixing business with pleasure! He then made the long drive home alone, finally arrive at our front door on September 17th, only to fly out the next day to San Francisco. 

I'm not sure I would do Burning Man again... maybe. But I would definitely do another road trip! We live in a beautiful country that is so easily accessible. My list of MUST SEE places has grown, and there are plenty of MUST SEE AGAIN places on my list as well. 


You had me at pie...

Photo Booth set-up at Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, FL

It is always an honor for us when a bride and groom choose us to be part of their special day. This weekend was no exception at the Davis wedding. We had our Photo Booth set-up at The Funky Buddha Brewery in Oakland Park, FL. What an awesome place! So cool and hip, the locals love this new gem of a venue. And we loved working there. The wait staff in the banquet room were so kind and attentive, and the food was yummy! We're not often fed at events, so it is always a treat when we are. But this time, we were in for an evening of surprises! I'm not sure how the bride found time to do this, but she made 2 key lime pies for the wait staff and us! Best tip we ever received!!!

The bride and groom found ways to let their creativity show. They had a a guest book set-up with the props. We printed duplicates of all the pics and placed them in the guest book so everyone could sign their pics and leave some love for the new Mr. and Mrs. They even designed the artwork for their invitations! We were able to use the design to make a custom templates for their prints. We love it when everything comes together so perfectly! 

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LA Pride Festival

Al was out in West Hollywood Park this weekend with another artists at the LA Pride Festival. They were set-up in the Delta Airlines Dream Drag tent, where guests were sharing with the artists their favorite Dream Drag Destination. The Caricatures were AMAZING! Our artists really had fun with this one and let their creative energies flow unchecked. It was 22 long hours that flew by too quickly. 

Meanwhile, back in Florida, we all woke to the horror on the news Sunday morning about the tragedy that took place in the Orlando nightclub, Pulse. It sent shockwaves throughout the world and was felt particularly felt in LA and DC, where thousands were gathered for a show of love, acceptance and unity in their cities Pride Festivals. In LA, a possible terror attack was stopped. Officials had to decide whether to cancel the second day of the festivities for the safety of all involved. But officials and citizens alike stood firm and declared that they would not allow terror and fear to send them into hiding. Security was boosted, but love, joy and unity prevailed. 

We would like to thank Delta Airlines and MKG, for having us at this event. They were such wonderful partners and have invited us to join the NY Pride Festival later this month. Look for us there!

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Superhero Weekend

SLHA 3rd Annual Gala - Briza on the Bay - Miami

It was a busy weekend in South Florida, and we were part of the action. Al was doing Digital Caricatures in Stuart for an old class mate's son's Bar Mitzvah. He was joined by our Event Manager, Marina, in a very rare public appearance as she ran the Photo Booth. The theme was Colombia, from the beaches to the jungles. 

Meanwhile, in Miami, I had our other Photo Booth set-up at Briza on the Bay with 5 other Caricature Artists for Sunshine Life and Health Advisors 3rd Annual Gala. The theme was Superheroes; and Spiderman, Batman and Superman all made an appearance. We had a lot of fun at this one, and so did the guests. We created superhero bodies for the Caricatures, and made the Photo Booth pics look like a comic strip. KAPOW!

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Mother's Day at Potential Church

"We Love our Super Mom" was on the lips of everyone at Potential Church this Mother's Day, and it truly showed. We had both of our Photo Booths set-up for all 5 of their Mother's Day services starting on Saturday. Magnificent flowers for every mother filled the lobby, coffee and tea bars were set-up, Mom-Mosas were served, and they had a Glam Squad giving free mini makeovers. 

We always love working at this church. Families of all different backgrounds gather here and create a beautiful, loving energy. No matter who you are, you feel welcomed when you walk in the door. This church attracts so much talent! Their singers are extraordinary. And I couldn't even begin to count all of the volunteers I saw! 

By the end of it, we took 1,473 photos, and printed 1,227 copies. We saw multiple generations of mothers and families gathered together. Their photos tell their story, and we were glad to be apart of it.



Mother's Day Photo Booth at Potential Church

Mother's Day Photo Booth at Potential Church

Mother's Day Photo Booth at Potential Church

Class of 2017 Junior Bash

Last night we had our Photo Booth set-up at the Club Tropical Ballroom in Hallandale Beach for Willam H. Turner Technical Arts High School's Junior Bash. It was our first time working in this venue and the owners made it so easy for us. They already had a backdrop set up with a beautiful balloon arch. They really went out of their way to accommodate the school and the vendors. The venue was such a find! And the students and faculty at Turner Tech were a really fun bunch. This was definitely one of those jobs that is just a delight to work. 

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Snakes at the Ritz

Al poolside at The Ritz Carlson

The snake!

We've been entertaining South Florida for over 20 years and have worked in many different venues. We like to think we've seen it all, but Florida always holds little surprises for us. This weekend I was set-up drawing Caricatures poolside at The Ritz Carlton in Naples, a lovely 5 star hotel and resort. It was a beautiful day in paradise. But there was a snake in our Garden of Eden. I can't quite be sure if it was just one very curious snake that kept coming out to take part in the festivities, or if multiple ones kept popping up a few feet away from me, but it was enough to keep me very alert. Had our favorite Fortune Teller Lady Elizabeth been there, she would have screamed bloody murder, packed her tarot cards and crystals and left. But the guests at The Ritz were quite fearless and tried to catch the two foot racer snake and play with it.  Yikes! 

An Evening at the Avant-Garde: Bringing Charactures to Life

Last night we were set up at Ringling College of Art and Design in Sarasota for their annual student scholarship fundraiser event. What an amazing group of talented students! All in costumes, it made for great Digital Caricatures and Photo Booth fun! Sponsored by Charles & Margery Barancik Foundation, Buzzcon Comic Convention and Herald Tribune Media Group, even the guests got into the pageantry. The elves and warlocks all came out, but my favorite may have been the Three Blind Mice. We look forward to participating again next year. 

CLICK HERE to learn how you can support Ringling College of Art and Design.

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Three Blind Mice

Lip Print Readings Are Here!

Lip Print Readings by Lady Elizabeth 

We are so excited to introduce Lip Print Readings as a new featured service from our Fortune Tellers! Much like Palm Reading, our lips tell a story about us. Shape, size, fullness, lines and even the color lip stick you choose to wear paints a picture of who you are. 

So easy, guests place their Lip Print on a Kissing Card three times, and our Fortune Tellers do the rest. Great entertainment for everyone, even the guys get in on the action! Perfect for Bridal Shower's, Bachelorette Parties, Corporate Events and more! Invite your guests to Kiss and Tell!

Beauty Discovery at Saks Fifth Avenue

Back at Saks Fifth Avenue, Bal Harbour this week for their Beauty Event. Lady Elizabeth was reading Lip Prints on Friday in the Cosmetics Department. Today, the fabulous team from Giorgio Armani Cosmetics were on the scene introducing the guests to the hottest new trends for Spring. All glammed up and ready for some photo booth fun in Miami! Click here to check out all the photos from this event.

Working in the Love Shack!

Al was back up in Orlando this week at the Orange County Convention Center for the PGA Merchandise Show. While his father-in-law would love it if he was an avant golfer, he was there instead drawing Digital Caricatures.  

Our client this week was Johnnie-O apparel, for the man with the heart and soul of both a golfer and a surfer. Their booth was over the top! Al was set up in the Love Shack (seriously!), and he was quite popular! Though not nearly as popular as Johnnie-O himself. But the two hit it off and Johnnie-O asked us to come back and work the next day. 

We also got to try out our new Social Media Sharing Kiosk. Like our Photo Booths, this allows your guests to instantly share the Digital Caricatures via email, Twitter and Facebook. Ask for it!

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The Special Event Show 2016

We had a great time at The Special Event Show in Orlando (#TSE2016). This annual show is geared to the event and party planning industry. They are always on the search for something new and entertaining to offer their guests. Al was set-up drawing Digital Caricatures. It was a whole new experience for so many of the attendees. We had a line non-stop! Definitely the most popular booth at the show, although the confetti cannon was a close second. Seriously, I need to get one of those things! Who doesn't love confetti?

We also introduced the attendees to your Caricature Kiosk. While we work with a large network of Digital Caricature Artists all over the nation, there are just some places that are too remote. But with our Caricature Kiosk, you get a real, live, virtual caricature artist drawing your guests during your event! Want more info? Give us a call! We love to chat.

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