LA Pride Festival

Al was out in West Hollywood Park this weekend with another artists at the LA Pride Festival. They were set-up in the Delta Airlines Dream Drag tent, where guests were sharing with the artists their favorite Dream Drag Destination. The Caricatures were AMAZING! Our artists really had fun with this one and let their creative energies flow unchecked. It was 22 long hours that flew by too quickly. 

Meanwhile, back in Florida, we all woke to the horror on the news Sunday morning about the tragedy that took place in the Orlando nightclub, Pulse. It sent shockwaves throughout the world and was felt particularly felt in LA and DC, where thousands were gathered for a show of love, acceptance and unity in their cities Pride Festivals. In LA, a possible terror attack was stopped. Officials had to decide whether to cancel the second day of the festivities for the safety of all involved. But officials and citizens alike stood firm and declared that they would not allow terror and fear to send them into hiding. Security was boosted, but love, joy and unity prevailed. 

We would like to thank Delta Airlines and MKG, for having us at this event. They were such wonderful partners and have invited us to join the NY Pride Festival later this month. Look for us there!

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