These artists use the latest technology to bring a very interactive entertainment to your event. Using digital tablets, color printers, and TV’s, everyone can see the Caricatures as they come to life from across the room.

Your guests will get instant 4x6 prints with your logo or any verbiage you'd like printed on the bottom.

We will load all the caricatures to a webpage for easy viewing and downloading after the event. The URL for the webpage will be printed at the bottom of the caricatures so that everyone can easily access the webpage.

On average, our Digital Caricaturists can draw 8-10 people per hour in full color, 10-12 people per hour in black and white with a splash of color, or 12-15 people per hour in black and white.

Here are some samples of our Digital Caricatures!


Looking for something a little different? How about Tiki Caricatures, Superhero Caricatures, Comic Book Caricatures, or Emoji Caricatures? Or perhaps Fashion Sketches or Product Promotions? We can also make custom backgrounds to fit the theme of your event.


Party Package

  • Artist(s) drawing on Digital Tablet

  • TV or Projector display

  • 4x6 Color Prints

  • Prints Branded with your Logo and/or Event Name

  • Digital Downloads

  • $250 per hour

Lite Package

  • Artist(s) drawing on Digital Tablet

  • Digital Downloads (no prints)

  • Caricatures Branded with your Logo and/or Event Name

  • $225 per hour

All jobs require a 2 hour minimum
Inquire about Full-Day Rates or multiple services
Travel Fees may apply
Power source required
Custom packages and templates are available- inquire for more details.

Deluxe Package

  • Artist(s) drawing on Digital Tablet

  • TV and/or Projector display

  • 4x6, 5x7 or 8.5x11 prints

  • Badge Holders w/ Lanyards (4x6 only)

  • Prints Branded with your Logo and/or Event Name

  • Customized Templates / Backgrounds

  • Digital Downloads

  • $275 per hour

Social media Sharing Kiosk

Social media Sharing Kiosk

Social Media Sharing Kiosk $200

The Social Media Sharing Kiosk*  allows your guests to instantly email their Digital Caricature to themselves. Emails are customizable for your event, with plenty of space for any verbiage you would like to include. Embedded within the email are links to Facebook and Twitter to encourage your guests to post their caricature on social media. It can also be used for lead generation, by providing a list of all email addresses collected during your event, that we can make available to you upon request for your marketing purposes.

*NOT all Digital Artists are equipped with Social Media Kiosk.  If this is a desired feature, please let us know so we'll make sure we have artist(s) equipped with this for your event. 

**Wireless internet access will be required for this feature and we'll provide mobile hotspot, but that doesn't always guarantee internet connection.

Caricature Kiosk

Want a Digital Caricature Artist at your remote event, but travel expenses make this cost prohibitive? Caricature Kiosk can be shipped to you and allows you to have a live interactive artist at your event!

  • Options to use your own equipment (laptop or tablet with webcam), or rent our Kiosk with stand.

  • Artist(s) drawing Digital Caricatures of your guests from a remote location using Video Conferencing software on Kiosk

  • Option to connect Kiosk to your larger display

  • Digital Downloads from webpage after the event

  • Optional 4x6 prints

  • Caricatures Branded with your Logo or Event Name

  • Starting at $200 per hour