Snakes at the Ritz

Al poolside at The Ritz Carlson

The snake!

We've been entertaining South Florida for over 20 years and have worked in many different venues. We like to think we've seen it all, but Florida always holds little surprises for us. This weekend I was set-up drawing Caricatures poolside at The Ritz Carlton in Naples, a lovely 5 star hotel and resort. It was a beautiful day in paradise. But there was a snake in our Garden of Eden. I can't quite be sure if it was just one very curious snake that kept coming out to take part in the festivities, or if multiple ones kept popping up a few feet away from me, but it was enough to keep me very alert. Had our favorite Fortune Teller Lady Elizabeth been there, she would have screamed bloody murder, packed her tarot cards and crystals and left. But the guests at The Ritz were quite fearless and tried to catch the two foot racer snake and play with it.  Yikes!