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About our Fortune Tellers

We work with many highly skilled psychics and fortune tellers in South Florida. With varied abilities and areas of divination, we are sure to have the perfect entertainer for your event. 
- Tarot Cards
- Lip Print Readings
- Palm Readings
- Angel Cards
- Aura Readings
- Crystal Guidance Readings
- Crystal Ball Readings
- Chakra Readings
- Astrology
- Numerology
- Psychometry
- Handwriting Analysis
- Automatic Handwriting

While we call Miami home, we'll travel far to meet your psychic needs- from Key West to Orlando! Rates start at $150 an hour with a 2 hour minimum. Fill out our Inquiry Form for a quote on full day rates or multiple services.


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Meet our Featured Psychic, Lady Elizabeth

Lady Elizabeth began her psychic journey in Miami in 1998 with the purchase of her first deck of Rider Waite tarot cards. She grew these skills and now utilizes an assortment of decks including Angel Tarot Cards, Oracle Guide Cards, and many more, as well as providing her clients with Palm and Lip Print Readings. Often asked for by name, her gentle nature puts people at ease and makes them feel welcome while her overall presence draws people in. She is aided by her finely tune intuition and loving guides. Professional and reliable, she is eager to please and ensure that your event is as lovely as you had envisioned.

Rave Reviews from our Clients...

"YOU ARE THE ROCK STAR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!  As a recipient of your services, I must say, YOU ARE REALLLLLY TALENTED!  So inviting and warm and FUN!  A great addition to the animation. Thank you for your partnership." 
Nancy- Bal Harbour

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Lip Print Readings Miami

Lip Print Readings

Most women in America own over 20 tubes of lipstick. Is it any wonder that Lip Print Reading is now so popular? Much like Palm Reading, our lips tell a story about us based on size and shape, as well as other indicators such as the color you chose to wear. From the way we act and speak and interact with others, to the way we are currently feeling, our Lip Print creates a picture of who we are. But unlike Palm Reading, the information conveyed in our Lip Print can change swiftly based on our mood or where we are directing our attention. Guests kiss an index card 3 times, and all their inner secrets come out! Invite your guests to Kiss and Tell at your next event!


Aura Imaging Miami

Aura Imaging

Al-Rod Studio Events is proud to present Aura Imaging! Many people wish they could see auras, but with this amazing device, your guests will get a print out of their aura! Perfect for corporate events, trade shows and more.

Your guests sit with our intuitive reader, place their hand on the Aura Imaging Scanner and an image of their aura will appear on the computer screen. Our intuitive reader will explain the colors and patterns of their aura and give suggestions to find balance and harmony. We print out the image of their aura, and your guests get to go home with a very special keepsake from your event!

Prices start at $175 per hour. Please inquire about full date rates or traveling outside of South Florida.